About Me

My name is Rick Reeves, and I have a story telling addiction.  I started this because friends and family suggested it as one of my personal 12 steps. They say it’s because they think I should share my stories with a wider audience, but I really think they are just hoping that I’ll quit telling them the same ones over and over again.  As I write this, I’ve been a blogger for all of 3 days. I’m followed by a few family members (not my mom, but that’s just because she can’t figure out how) and a couple of friends who don’t know any better.  My 3 kids are “enthused” (if you consider eye rolling and “nice story dad” enthusiasm) and my wife thinks she’s my editor. Auspicious start.

I’ve always thought one of the secrets to telling a factually based story is to not get all that attached to the facts. I say this because I don’t often remember the facts all that well. Some of the stories are from stuff that happened to me over 40 years ago and what happens (at least to me) is I remember the story way better than I remember the actual event. Gives a person a lot of latitude. I don’t purposely make stuff up (honestly!!), but I know full well that the evolved story, while having a basis in fact, has morphed into something other than the literal truth, and that’s perfectly fine with me. I won’t make stuff up on purpose, but have no trouble doing it on accident!

So some detail crap: I’m 55, married for 27 years to a wonderful Canadian girl. American by birth, got my Canadian citizenship recently, so I’m a happy dual citizen (sidebar: being an American from Texas and a naturalized Canadian citizen gives me the right to open carry in either country, but if I shoot someone I am obligated to apologize to them, then provide free health care). 3 kids, one just graduated from University, the other two still in University. Born in Texas, raised in Louisiana, 8 years in the Navy running nuclear power plants on submarines (no, I do not glow in the dark, but I am bald…) back to University for a degree in Electrical Engineering then 20 some years for an oilfield service company, currently in sales.

I love to fish, everything outdoors, golf, read, go to music festivals and hang with family and friends. I don’t sit around much, nor will my wife let me, and am massively adept at putting myself in situations that lend themselves to comedic stories. Most everything will be light hearted. Stories about family, fishing, hiking, submarines, and whatever I see that makes me laugh.

I hope you enjoy.


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